Vi slo av en prat med norgesaktuelle Guy Sebastian

Det er 12 år siden Guy Sebastian vant Australske Idoler og sto på scenen sammen med Kelly Clarkson og Kurt Nilsen i World Idol. Selv om han ble slått av vår egen Kurt Nilsen i konkurransen, har han nå blitt en av Australias aller største artister. 27. august spiller han på Parkteateret i Oslo!

Your songs are really catchy and likeable. From where do you get your inspiration? Do you have any role models?

I grew up listening to a lot of soul and gospel. I loved artists like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Stevie etc. In my teens I loved bands like The Beatles, Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc. and this style led me to be a drummer for a while. I also LOVED RnB like Boys II Men, Brian Mcknight and other Rnb voices which is where I really honed in on my voice and the ability to move my voice in complex and creative ways.

Yes I know this sounds quite eclectic but the common thread was melodies. I LOVE great melodies that stick in your head regardless of genre and when I write I don’t get excited unless a melody that I come up with really makes me FEEL something.»

Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again (VG-Lista, Oslo - NRK 1, June 20 2015)

You have spent a lot of time as an artist in Australia and USA, and now Europe. Are there any differences in the way people react to your music?

Yes!! Its funny cause when I sing live and jam in the US the reaction I get when I start pulling out my gospel chops is so different to places like Australia. Because we didn’t grow up with that style of music the culture in Australia largely doesn’t grasp the freedom in gospel music. Sometimes they consider melody changes and doing “runs” and “tricks” as ruining a song, whereas in the US and some other parts that are used to that style of singing they see it as a creative expression. I don’t dislike this difference though because it makes me a better and more versatile singer as I adapt my style for certain cultures.

Guy Sebastian - Linger (Official Video) ft. Lupe Fiasco

You do a lot of live performances. Is there a performance in particular that really made an impression on you?

I have been lucky enough to perform on so many stages that I only dreamt of performing on. I honestly pinch myself so many times. I’ve been lucky enough to perform for the queen, Oprah, Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, The Pope etc. but I have to say most recently one of the most fun audiences i have performed for was the Eurovision audience. They were so positive and embracing and as an outsider to the contest they made me feel like a very welcomed guest.

Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again (Australia) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015 Grand Final

Are you meeting up with Kurt Nilsen while you’re in Norway? Are you guys still friends?

I saw him when I was there recently and we watched the World Cup football at a bar and had some beers. He looks the same! Such a great guy!

Guy Sebastian - World Idol 2003 - What a Wonderful World

Will there be a next album? In that case, when?

Yes!! I am currently writing and feeling very inspired and excited about what is coming out and I will be releasing a single in Europe really soon!


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